Roofing Materials
GAF Timberline HD 50 Year Shingles installed with 6 nails PER shingle in insure no windstorm stands a chance against these shingles​
Proper Ventilation of your roof is standard in our installation procedor 
Posh Remodeling offers a BREATHABLE Roofing Underlayment will keep your roof decking fresh for years to come.​
Starter strip shingles include a high-quality, properly positioned adhesive that will tightly lock your shingles in place to help prevent shingle blow-off
Leak Barrier also know as Ice & Water Shield protects against ice dams and wind-driven rain.
Ridge Cap Shingles accentuate the natural beauty of your architectural shingle roof

Roof Pipe Collars

Lifetime Pipe Collars

When it comes to minor roof leaks a majority of the time the culprit is a broken/ripped rubber pipe collar or "roofing pipe boot". Standard pipe collars are prone to deteriorate from UV rays as they sit on your roof. After several years if the rubber becomes brittle and rips it will start to leak cause damage depending how long it takes to notice. Posh Remodeling uses Lifetime Pipe collars that are much more bulky and built to last the test of time and withstand UV rays.

Standard Pipe Collars 

5 Star Underlayment​

Superior Shingles